Our reception is available for both New Malden & Reigate appointments on 0208 942 1511 or 01737 212890

Please visit the Patient Guidance section for details concerning our Covid-19 precautions

Please do not visit the clinic if you are suffering from symptoms of COVID-19 or are supposed to be self-isolating; please let us know if you need to cancel your appointment. Thanks!

Update regarding PPE Guidance for Practitioners

We continue to follow the guidance issued by our various regulatory bodies, and we are no longer required to wear plastic aprons or disposable gloves when treating patients. We will continue to wear masks whilst in the clinic, and we ask that our patients do likewise; thank you.

The basis for this guidance is that the transmissibility of Covid is reckoned to be via airborne rather than surface routes.

Please speak to your osteopath if you have any concerns or questions about our infection control policy.

with thanks…

Lisa A Gibbs & Associates


We are open in New Malden & Reigate with social distancing measures in place for patients that require treatment. In order to maintain these measures as far as possible the reception is physically unmanned and our phone/diary system is being operated remotely for the foreseeable future. Due to our increased hygiene protocols there is less availability than normal for appointments, but we are opening up more sessions as the need arises; if you feel that you need an appointment please call us, our phone reception is open every day.

We will do our best to reduce the possibility of Covid-19 exposure as much as we can, but please be aware of the risks involved in leaving home. Please make sure that you balance the need for your treatment against your own personal situation.


Please call the practice as normal on 0208 942 1511 (New Malden) or 01737 212890 (Reigate). We have availability 6 days a week in New Malden and 1 day a week in Reigate.

We have increased the time that we spend with new patients at their initial consultation to a minimum of 45mins in order to take their case history and still leave time for a full treatment; the cost for this initial consultation is £70. The cost for a standard follow-up treatment remains at £50.

Invoiced accounts will increase to £95/£75 for Initial/Follow-up appointments for Private Insurer treatments to reflect the increased administration associated with these plans.


You will receive an email 36hrs before your appointment to check that you are not suffering from any Covid-19 symptoms and that you still require your appointment. Please reply ‘CONFIRM’ or ‘CANCEL’ to this email to confirm or amend your appointment as necessary.

We are NHS Allied Health Professionals and are continuing to follow government & professional guidance concerning the provision of osteopathic care, and as a recognised healthcare setting our clinics have remained open during the pandemic. In line with Public Health England and Institute of Osteopathy guidance we ask that patients wear a mask or face covering for their appointment. We have also increased the PPE provision for our Osteopaths and are constantly updating our hygiene & organisational protocols.


Aside from running a remote reception we are aiming to reduce the chances of patient-to- patient transmission by introducing a time gap between appointment sessions to allow for cleaning and sterilisation of the treatment rooms & the reception area. This increased workload for the Osteopath means that your appointment must finish on time, and in order to maintain a clean environment we ask that patients don’t arrive early. We appreciate that this is difficult, but if possible we ask that you wait in your car or outside until your scheduled appointment time as it would help us greatly to keep the environment sterile and reduce chances of patient-to-patient transmission (of course we will make exceptions if you need to sit down or the weather is inclement).

If possible please come to your appointment alone (exceptions are for guardians & carers), and please try not to bring too many things with you (bags and other accoutrements all add to our cleaning process).

You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival and departure. The Osteopath will open and shut the doors for you to reduce surface contact.

If you develop a fever, a new cough, or a loss or change to taste or smell prior to your appointment you must not attend. You must also not attend if you have been advised to quarantine for any other reason. If you already have an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel it.

There will be no late cancellation fee for anyone not attending for COVID-19 related reasons, but we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. If you do not attend an appointment without giving notice we reserve the right a cancellation fee as detailed on our Patient Registration form.

Test & Trace

For the purpose of Test and Trace Lisa A Gibbs & Associates is defined as a healthcare setting & if you are required to pass on details of your recent contacts to the NHS Test and Trace program you should categorise your visit to the clinic as a ‘healthcare’ rather than a ‘general’ contact.


We have an additional hand washing facility in the lavatory, and are providing individual hand towels per patient, please wash your hands thoroughly and place the towel in the linen bin in reception.


Please use contactless payment or online bank transfer to pay for your treatment. It may be necessary to put through two smaller payments against your card until the new contactless limit propagates to our card machine (the limit for Apple or Google pay is higher). If you prefer to pay online our bank details are Santander 09-06-66 42368838, please use the appointment date as the payment reference, thanks.


We appreciate all your efforts to help us to provide a safe experience when visiting our practice. We are doing all that we can to reduce the chances of infection and keep you and the practitioners safe, and as guidance is updated and more information becomes available it is likely that our own protocols will change and adapt. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know, and we will do our best to keep you informed as changes are made.

with thanks…

Lisa A Gibbs & Associates

To all our patients; we hope that you are staying well and healthy during this period. Please remember to follow government guidance regarding hand-washing, self-isolation, and social distancing.

Following advice from the Institute of Osteopathy, in consultation with the NHS & Public Health England, we are still open and are following stringent infection control procedures in our New Malden clinic . As GP practices and physio departments are under pressure and re-deploying key personnel it is recognised that Osteopaths are able to provide a key service that can help reduce the burden on the NHS and other Musculo-Skeletal services.

The current government advice is to only leave your home for basic necessities (as infrequently as possible) or to provide care or help to a vulnerable person, to only travel to work if absolutely necessary, or to only leave home for medical reasons. We would advise patients that are able to delay their appointment to do so, however we are still taking bookings for urgent or necessary treatments.

As a registered Allied Health Professional (AHP) provider we are following the best practice guidelines as issued by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). We have hand cleaning provision at entry and departure from the practice in New Malden, and are able to use both treatment rooms to isolate patients from each other between appointments. We also have individual one-use hand towels for hand-drying. The building in New Malden is private and the practice is only accessible by the Osteopath and the patient at any one time. However we ask that patients advised by the government as being at increased risk of infection (aged over 70, or with underlying health conditions) to please ensure that they follow the current government advice… (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-on-social-distancing-and-for-vulnerable-people/guidance-on-social-distancing-for-everyone-in-the-uk-and-protecting-older-people-and-vulnerable-adults). 

Please continue to make appointments via our normal number (0208 942 1511); of course we welcome patients that would normally see us in Reigate to come to the New Malden clinic. Please only come to the practice if you are well and healthy, and please come alone or with one family member only. If you are exhibiting any signs of Coronavirus (a high fever and/or a new persistent cough) please DO NOT come to the practice; stay at home and follow NHS guidelines. If you are in doubt please do not attend your appointment (it is always helpful to call and let us know).

If you are struggling with musculoskeletal pain and are unable to attend the practice please contact us and an Osteopath will endeavour to call you back and offer some advice and support that may help alleviate your symptoms (or email us at [email protected]). More help, advice, and information is available on this website. 

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time.

Lisa A Gibbs & Associates – Registered Osteopaths

There has been much recent talk and discussion on the importance of breathing(!). I’m sure some of you have seen the video on breathing techniques (for those who have Covid-19) and I would encourage everyone to practice them. As the world has sped up we have stopped breathing deeply & properly, and the health benefits of improving breathing mechanics are vast. One addition that I would add to the Covid-19 breathing technique is to gently squeeze your ribs as you exhale.

Yoga, Pilates, and any simple movement regime (even walking) will not only stretch your muscles and joints but will improve circulation of blood and lymph as well as improving organ function. An illustration of how movement affects organs is in back pain sufferers that have associated constipation. Partly because the spasm, or the fear of pain, causes restriction in overall body movement, there is a reduction in the physical movement of the bowel, this in turn can cause constipation. So keep moving, and make sure you’re articulating every part of your body. Think of each of your joints, and gently and slowly move them one-by-one through their full range of pain-free motion. 

  • Try to move about every 15-20 mins to stop your muscles from seizing up.
  • Watch out for really deep sofas; the ones that are so soft that you disappear.
  • If you have a bad back try to sit with your bottom higher than your knees and with your back supported. Remember, even when sitting your back muscles are keeping you upright.
  • After a long day, if your back twinges, use an ice pack and a hot water bottle alternately for 5 minutes each.  Repeat after an hour if needed.  It may save you a trip to see us!


Osteopathy specialises in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal and other related disorders.  Osteopathy takes the form of manual therapy that can have beneficial effects for a variety of muscle and joint conditions.

Our priority is to make you feel at ease during your visit to our clinic. We will diagnose your problem and explain it fully to you in a language you will understand. Successful osteopathic treatment requires a view of the mechanics of the body as a whole, not just a focus on the particular area of pain, such as the spine. This holistic view necessitates the full involvement of the patient: in diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Osteopaths spend four to five years training to understand the relationship between the body’s organs, joints and muscles and are experienced in treating disorders of the musculoskeletal structures throughout the whole body. Osteopathy is a person centred approach that strives to provide the optimum conditions for health by working with your body’s own healing mechanisms to achieve results. Osteopaths see people of all ages, including pregnant women, elite athletes, & babies.

The health risks associated with having osteopathic treatment are extremely low, if you have any concerns about the safety of your treatment your osteopath will be happy to discuss these with you.